Kay Bosse

Inducted into the Dayton Theatre Hall of Fame, August 13, 2006.

I've never had a sister. Ok, so I have two younger brothers, two sisters-in-law, well, one ex sister-in-law, but never a "sister". And after all this time, I wasn't sure I wanted one!

One fateful day back in 1990, or thereabouts, my other two husbands, Scott and Kevin tell me a good friend of theirs is coming back to Dayton. "You'll love her", they tell me. "You two are so much alike"......"She's a soprano too!" " OH GOD", I yell, just what I need, more competition!

We meet at the audition for "Six Woman with Brain Death". at the Human Race. "She's not so bad" I mutter to myself. "I kinda like her". We later discover we live about a mile apart in Northern Kentucky. Driving to and from rehearsals allows us more time to get to know each other, my, what if the boys were right?

Now we're spending a lot of time together. We start to wonder if we were separated at birth. Gee, we've never seen our moms in the same place at the same time. Perhaps it's the same person!!! She tells me she has a son and Daughter named Ben and Sarah. OH MY GOD, my BROTHER has a son and daughter named Ben and Sarah! It's uncanny!

The real test of our friendship came when Kay broke up with a very special man. She was quite distraught. I tried my best to offer comfort. She explained that they were just about to go to the Stratford Festival in Canada. NOW what would she do? Well, what could I do but ask "What about HIS ticket?" Lo and behold, I got educated to the wonders of the Stratford Festival and we go together almost every summer!

Since that time we've been Divas of Motown and Nashville together, sang heart-wrenching duets in Closer Than Ever, I had an affair with her husband in A Little Night Music, we were the "lesbians from next door" in Falsettoland, NOT that we are…..NOT that there's anything wrong with that!, nasty neighbors in Green Gables, and Yes, sisters in Quilters and Goblin Market; Kay being the older sister both times!

She has ventured on to the stage without me in such stellar roles as Agnes in Dancing at Lughnasa, Hannah in The Spitfire Grill, Mrs. Kendall in The Elephant Man, and Hannah in Perestroika, to name just a few.

Kay then utters the infamous words…."But what I really want to do is direct"! And off she goes! Showing children the joys of theatre at the Dayton Jewish Center thru musicals such as Peter Pan, The Music Man, Once Upon a Mattress, and Annie Get Your Gun. Off to the Rosewood Arts Center. The Muse Machine, where she would come up with her one woman shows as well as conducting workshops for teachers and students exploring live theatre. This is all in addition to teaching at Sinclair and directing her won adaptation of John Steinbeck's To A God Unknown. At the University of Dayton, she moves from teacher to director without taking a breath and brought us such productions as Dancing at Lughnasa, The Grapes of Wrath, All in the Timing, and my personal favorite, Sylvia starring my own dear dog Emma! Directing skills has also taking her back to our home base of the Human Race with a brilliant production of Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Oh God, did I mention Steinbeck? Here's a word to the wise, don't mention either of these names to Kay unless you have hours to spare......Tom Waits and John Steinbeck! OK, only slightly kidding, but get this … the woman is finishing her masters degree thesis on the "The Theatre of John Steinbeck". Does she ever sleep?

As you may have guessed, I believe my dear friend is truly deserving of this great honor. Her dedication to theatre, her art and her students are the reasons you have elected her to this lofty position.

Dayton theatre community, rejoice with me.................our sister has come home!
-- Pat Linhart

I want to thank my fellow Dayton Hall of Fame members for counting me worthy to join your auspicious and distinguished ranks. However, as I look out at all of you - I have so many to thank for so many reasons. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be up here without each and everyone one of you. Even through I may not have had the privilege to have worked you, we are still bound together by our passion, sacrifice, support and belief in the transformative power found in the art of theatre. And as a famous American author said in his last work of fiction (and we all know who I must be referring to) - "everything is connected." Yes, it was a literary quote long before C.S.I. New York.

In particular that are several individuals and organizations I have to acknowledge for their limitless inspiration and continuous support. The Human Race Theatre Co, of course, The Muse Machine, Sinclair Community College, and The University of Dayton. The Dayton Playhouse and The Theatre Guild. I owe all of you so much. Antioch University, Mac, Marsha, Scott and Kevin -- and Pat. I still remember when Scott and Kevin first mentioned the name Pat Linhart to me - ooh another Soprano......I never dreamed she would become the sister I didn't know I had.

A special thank you to everyone at my table and Carol Lee who I know is with us in spirit. Thanks to my Mother for her understanding and her constant love. Thanks Dad. But most of all I have to thank my son, Ben and daughter, Sarah for being here and for putting up with me. I know it had not been easy for you ... having me for your Mother but ... this is an old cliche ... but non the less ... still true ... of all my productions, I am proudest of you.

Thanks again.
-- Kay Bosse